Drew Rogers


Hi, my name is Drew Rogers and I live in Springfield, MO.

Here are the basics about me: I have two (and a half) Masters degrees from Missouri State University, I do mediation for the Equal Opportunity Commission and The Missouri Commision on Human RIghts, and if you know me that is just a scratch on the surface. I believe we can't look at where we're going without giving credit to where we have been. I served six years in the United States Navy, and returned to Springfield to obtain my Bachelor's of Human Services degree at Evangel University.

Two years ago my passion to help others led me to create a non-profit organization named after the most handsome dude in the world; my son. It is called Andy's Foundation and it teaches at risk populations computer skills that they would otherwise not have if we did not reach out to them. The program has really taken off, and is in process at Greene County Juvenile Justice Center, Central High School, and began it's life at the Rare Breed, a program of the Kitchen. I'm excited to see what the future holds! Recently the program won top honors at a research symposium and we are looking forward to publishing. Follow the link below to Andy's Foundation's about me page for more info.

  • Work
    • Mediator, Equal Emploment Opportunity Commision
  • Education
    • Master of Social Work
    • Master of Science in Administrative Studies