Dr. Hugo Heyrman

Artist and painter in Antwerpen, België

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Belgian contemporary painter, PhD in art sciences, based in Antwerp. Working member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, Brussels.

Dr. Hugo Heyrman is best known for his enigmatic paintings, revealing pictorial spaces, where imagination, memory and reality interact. His work function as potential images, which resonate in our mind.

He occupies a unique position within the art world. Looking back at an artistic career, we are confronted with an oeuvre that has long played a pioneering role – beginning in the sixties, when he introduced happenings, pop- and conceptual art.

With this rebellious attitude he started to paint, to become a master of mood, evoking the intermediary zone that exists between our conscious and unconscious selves.

“I paint the double life of images, the factor X of images, atmospheres of spacetime, and the mysterious everydayness.

My reflections on the world and society are motivated by the idea that a single moment of insight can flood a whole life with meaning."

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    • "The Double Life of Images"