Dr Benjamin Janaway

Doctor, Writer, and Journalist in Southampton, United Kingdom

Dr Benjamin Janaway

Doctor, Writer, and Journalist in Southampton, United Kingdom

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Freelance writing within Politics, Healthcare, Ethics and Science. Dr Janaway not only offers a well recieved tone, but also a comprehensive approach. Every article is well researched, and takes into account the target audience, is SEO optimised and provided with a list of synergistic partners with you can share and increase readership.

About Dr Janaway

Dr Benjamin Janaway is an NHS Doctor and Writer. He is currently on sabbatical from clinical work and persuing other projects.

Graduating from the University of Sheffield in 2014 with degrees in Medicine and Neuropathology, Dr Janaway has diverted his energies toward public health education and human rights.

He is a strong advocate of humanism, liberal principles and an evidence based approach to human rights.

He writes for The Canary, Femedic, Patient and freelances for The Independent and other national news sources. He has been featured by Thinktank 'Ekklesia' as well as law firm 'Smiths.' He is also lead story writer for an upcoming commerical enterprise.

He has recently begun freelance upcoming journal 'Design is Political'.

He has been interviewed on national news including the BBC.

in 2017 he started his own independent public health education project, Trusted Medicine. Staffed by 20 freelance medical trainees, the site offers up to date, evidence based healthcare news and opinion.

He is currently working on a number of books, including an expose on frontline NHS care, as well as a novel.

In the future he wishes to diversify his interests into renewable energy funding, STEM field sponsorship, sustainable farming and education projects.

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