Dr Josh Brower

Whether you need braces or want a whiter smile, Dr Josh Brower can help. Some of the services offered include teeth whitening, invisalign braces, replacement of silver fillings, and dental implants. Additional services for sleep apnea, cosmetic dentistry, and non-surgical gum treatment are also available.

Patients who seek dental services with Dr. Brower are in good hands. He trained extensively with orthodontists and oral surgeons, where he gained knowledge in straightening and restoration services. He is well known in his profession, for his skill in dental restoration. Many people who need dental work are fearful of being referred out to other professionals. Dr. Brower is able to see each patient from start to finish. This increases confidence and can result in better outcomes for patients.

For those who need braces, the invisalign products are available at a lower cost than through other providers. For adults, braces are worn for 6 months. This amount of time allows for straightening, without changing the bite. Costs are kept as low as possible, by offering all dental services in the same location. Initial consultations are provided free of charge, so patients and their children can make well informed decisions about orthodontic care.

Replacing old silver fillings with amalgams that blend with the teeth is sometimes referred to as dental detox. Old silver fillings contain mercury, which can be toxic. Metal fillings can crack teeth and are unsightly to many dental patients. Replacing the old silver fillings with white ones that blend with the teeth can be done in one appointment.

Those who want a more attractive smile and want to eliminate the risks of silver fillings can be assured of a more attractive smile and fillings that actually strengthen the teeth, rather than weaken them. Resins are made up of plastics and glass, to form a putty substance put on the teeth. This process is less painful and stressful than the old filling method.

Stained teeth are often a source of embarrassment for dental patients. Dr. Josh Brower and his skilled team of dental technicians can give patients a whiter, brighter smile in one visit. The advanced whitening techniques can lighten teeth up to 8 shades in one visit. The products used are stronger than those found in over the counter whitening kits. Patients can schedule a visit before a special event, to increase confidence in having an attractive smile.

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