Dr. M David Kurland

Child Psychiatrist in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Dr. M David Kurland is a child psychiatrist with 50 years of experience in the field and over 15 years of extensive training, with advanced degrees from Harvard and Yale. Dr. Kurland has been the medical director of a hospital, an emergency program, and three agencies in the course of his career. Dr. Kurland is systems-oriented. He works with family as well as the child. He works with your therapist, your school, anyone who is willing to help. Dr. Kurland is outcomes-oriented (he gets results). Progress is more achievable than most people assume. It is in the nature of childhood that children advance and develop.

Over the course of his career, Dr. M David Kurland has excelled as the medical director of a hospital, the director of an emergency program, and the director of three medical agencies. Before today, the responsibilities of a medical director made the director position a highly psychiatric position. Having the position of Medical Director meant launching, implementing psychiatric programs. It meant tending to the psychiatric functioning of clinical staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, social worker therapists, case-managers. It meant representing psychiatric concerns, and proposals in important meetings and conferences. In the current year of 2014, in response to the economy, in response to rapidly increasing influences of managed care, and in response to changes within the state’s Departments of Mental Health, Child and Family, and Developmental Disabilities, the medical director position has become more and more an administrative role. The position of Medical Director now has much less to do with psychiatric matters. Dr. Kurland’s interests and abilities are not administrative and he made the decision in June to return to private practice.

Dr. M David Kurland

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