Dr. Nico Conti

Assistant Professor of Medicine in Los Angeles, California

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Dr. Conti works hard to be a compassionate doctor and is a steadfast advocate for patients and their families. When developing the doctor-patient relationship, Dr. Conti adopts a patient-centered strategy. In addition, Dr. Conti provides clinical teaching in the medical wards for inpatients and small group discussions for medical students and residents. Dr. Conti also conducts clinical research and writes case reports, such as the recently released ones on B12 deficiency and aseptic meningitis.

Dr. Conti is passionate about advancing medical education, disseminating accurate medical information, and fostering an understanding of scientific and medical truths. Dr. Conti has been treating patients with coronavirus throughout the pandemic.

  • Education
    • Post graduate at Case Western Reserve University
    • Doctor of Medicine at Central Michigan University
    • Bachelor's degree at Bachelor's degree