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Best Camera Quadcopter's 2017 AND 2018

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There's two kinds of drones:

1.) Camera drones

2.) Racing drones

Camera drones

This kind of drones are extremely common nowadays. They are mostly used while shooting videos as well as still images from an aerial position. A few of the camera drones are also employed for surveillance. Under this type of drones we will visit the best drones in detail:

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This is one of the most professional ready to fly drone that's fast and also has high-quality pictures and videos.

Main features

a.) Its compatible with 5.2k cameras that has 360 degrees gimbal panning. It also has a first person view camera that helps in dual pilot operation. One individual can control the very first person view camera while the other can operate the recording camera hence reliable permanently and excellent shots.

b.)Its obstacle sensing mechanism is more advanced compared to inspire 1.

C.) It can move to a speed of up to 67mph as well as go so far as 7kilometres from the remote controller.


This is a foldable quadcopter drone that has is small in size, around 15 to 20 centimetres in length when folded. It features a top speed of 40mph and has a flight duration of 21 minutes.

It has a go back to home safe mode that can help you when you lose signal and control of it while its still in air. The return to home safe mode enables it to avoid obstacles and are available back.

It shoots 4K videos at 30FPS.


This really is one of the fastest and most reliable drones available for sale. It's made out of an alloy of titanium and magnesium. It features a 1gb by 64gb SD card slot. The DJI PHANTOM 4 pro includes a 4K recording feature with a 12-megapixel camera that has DNG file type. Its flight autonomy system has 5 inbuilt sensors which help in obstacle sense. It also has a number of flight modes.


Its small in dimensions and has speeds of up to 31mph and may fly up to a more 1.2 miles away. It features a gesture control that allows you to take pictures using a hand signal. The recording excellence of the drone's camera is 1080 p. It features a quick shot mode that provides the ability to create a 10-second long video for that footage taken during the flight. It features a 15 minute flight time with durable batteries.