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My name is Dr. Patty Hagler-Verdugo, PsyD. I am 52 years old. I am married to a wonderful man that I have known since 1995. We have been married for almost 10 years (2000). I was born in Freeport, NY and I lived on Long Island, NY for the first 11 years of my life (no, I don't have my accent still). I graduated high school in 1980 (Birmingham High School in Van Nuys, CA).

Upon graduation, I went to college at UCSD. I went there for 1 year. Due to financial difficulties, and the divorce of my parents, I did not return to UCSD for a second year. I worked full-time and went to Jr. College (LA Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA). I saved money, applied for financial aid and then started a large university in LA in 1983. I worked really hard to help my mom pay for school. I had worked part-time since the beginning of my college education, then full-time before going to another school. Once at school I got 3 jobs. I worked in a law office as a clerk, worked at a preschool as an aftercare coordinator and worked in my dorm food service.

On May 15, 1983 at 12:00pm (A date and time that are forever ingrained in my head), While I was working in food service, I was helping another student worker. We were working on dishes in the kitchen. He was taking care of the conveyor belt and I was just taking dishes off one by one. This young man was getting behind on the conveyor belt and dishes; forks, etc. were almost at the end of the conveyor belt with more behind them. I gave him some help of moving a tray of silverware to another location. Unfortunately, at the! At time employers did not educate their staff on proper body mechanics, as they do now. While picking up the tray of silverware and carrying to another location, I felt a pull in my back. Apparently, what I did was not take the tray of dishes off of the conveyor belt correctly. I did not use my knees. Also, while walking the silverware to their location, I carried them in front of me (placing more weight on my spine). I held them too far in front of me. I didn’t think much of it so continued with my shift.

After the brunch rush I went to my dorm room to lie down. My roommate and I had bunk beds and I was on the top. When I awoke I had severe pain in my back and could barely move. To read my full 42 year pain journey, click http://www.chronicintractablepainandyou.net/apps/forums/show/15175585-dr-patty-s-31-years-pain-journey

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