Dr Paul C Drago

Doctor and Small Business Owner in Greenville, South Carolina

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Dr. Paul C Drago is an ENT specialist with over 24 years of experience. As it is obvious that ENT disorders require treatment with stable hands, the over 20 years success career has made Dr Drago famous for his extremely stable hands and experience.

He completed his M.D. in the year 1990 and is now considered as one of the best ENT Specialists in United States of America. He has a keen understanding of the human anatomy; being considered as the leader in surgeries of ear, throat, nose, neck and head, for both minors and adults.

He was born on 19 January, 1964 in New York and completed his graduation in Zoology with Honors at the University of Maryland in 1985 & his education with M.D. at the Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1990. He is also called the Panacea of Beauty Remedy because he thinks that cosmetic surgery can boost the self esteem of the patient and enhance positive body-photo to help him lead a better lifestyle. He was an educational topper in his college; got numerous scholarships and awards. Other than being an ENT expert, he has also been a first-class athlete and a sportsperson.

He has a great team which offers a variety of plastic surgical procedure services like Rhinoplasty- restructuring nose and Blepharoplasty- reshaping eyelid to improve the sphere of vision, et-cetera. They even treat deformed, elderly, unattractive parts like scars from fire, birth spots and accident marks et-cetera, with the help of beauty surgical procedures. Plastic surgical treatment is a very serious surgery and requires the right physician because every patient is skeptical about it, but the first choice is always Dr. Paul Drago; rewarding his successful career.

He has worked in reputed hospitals of New Yorklike Barnwell Community Middle, Barnwell Southern Palmetto Medical Institution,and Hampton Medical Local Middle et-cetera, with various affiliations.

Specialists like him with many sub-specializations enable them to treat & cure different conditions and disorders in the affected areas. Junior doctors and patients look up to these specialists for consultation, suggestion and advice in adverse medical cases; as it is rightly said, “Prevention is better than cure.”

This service field is also a business nowadays along with all the negative perks of it. It focuses on saving lives, wealth creating and has the ability to misuse power. One such gentleman is