Dr. Raye Mitchell

San Francisco, California, United States


Sought-after international speaker on women in technology, diversity, innovation and leader on how women can capitalize on emerging technologies to enhance the consumer experience and the whole of the consumer’s life experience in real time and everywhere.

Dr. Raye Mitchell is a passionate philanthropist, technology start-up founder, author and dynamic public speaker engaged in utilizing emerging technologies, new media and digital and entertainment products, and innovation to transform the consumer experience in all arenas of life experiences. Building on 30 years of expertise merging business innovation and legal skills, Raye launched Women Lead Forward.com in Feb. 2015 just ahead of President Obama’s#TechHire program.

With a focus on accelerating access to and opportunities for women and girls of color to be empowered as current and future global leaders, Raye works to meet the unmet needs of the millions of millennial women/women and girls of color who seek inclusion and freshthinking from a vantage point that reflects their own life experiences.

Skilled at building diverse leadership teams, preparing women and girls as leaders in innovation, disruption,creativity and entrepreneurism, Raye Mitchell’s personal mission is to

utilize stellar academic accomplishments, her professional skills, and her years of solid creativity to support humanitarian projects and drive innovation. More at www.drrayemitchell.com.

EmergingTechnologies/Leadership Projects:

About www.WomenLeadForward.Com

Raye Mitchell launched a new national initiative called Women LeadForward™ in Living Color (www.womenleadforward.com)as an accelerator applying new technology and innovation platforms to transform diversity inclusion practices in technology, innovation and in executive leadership. The mission of Women Lead Forward is to create a national platform andto transform how women and girls of color gain access to equality in engagementas global leaders in general and in the tech and innovation economy inparticular.

Women LeadForward launched just weeks ahead of President Obama’s national initiative entitled The #TechHire program. Women Lead Forward is well positioned to contribute solutions and training support to respond to the national mandate to engage and equip a new generation of leaders.

  • Education
    • Harvard Law School