Rein Tideiksaar | Fall Prevention Expert

About Dr.Rein Tideiksaar

Rein Tideiksaar Ph.D., PA-C (or Dr Rein as he is commonly referred to) is the president of FallPrevent, LLC, Blackwood, NJ, a consulting company that provides educational, legal/marketing services related to fall prevention in the elderly.

Dr Tideiksaar is a gerontologist (health care professional who specializes in working with elderly patients)/a geriatric physician's assistant. He has been active in fall prevention for 30 years, and has directed numerous research projects on falls/developed fall prevention programs in the community, assisted living, home care, acute care hospital, and nursing facility setting. To learn more, check out the Doctor's professional profile on LinkedIn:

Fall-Related Services

Education/Training Services

FallPrevent is able to provide customized fall prevention education and training for nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, home care and community out-patient settings.

FallPrevent is able to provide elders and their families with individualized fall risk assessments and plans designed to reduce fall risk.

FallPrevent is able to provide a wide-range of services: Tell us what you need!

Legal Services

Falls/injuries are a leading cause of legal liability for hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

FallPrevent is able to provide legal consulting/expert witness services for fall-related cases.

Marketing Fall-Related Products

FallPrevent is able to help you develop strategies for marketing your product (s) to healthcare professionals and/or institutions.

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Tideiksaar at [email protected]