Dr. Richard Wacksman

Dr. Richard Wacksman completed his undergraduate education at the Palm Beach Community College and Florida Atlantic University, where he earned an Associate of Arts in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, respectively. Relocating to Montserrat in the Lesser Antilles, Dr. Richard Wacksman completed his Doctor of Medicine at the American University of the Caribbean. Upon returning to the States, Dr. Wacksman attended graduate school in order to hone his skills in business. He earned a Master of Business Administration from Minnesota State University in Moorhead. Board certified in internal medicine, pediatrics, and critical care, Dr. Richard Wacksman served as an Executive Partner at Meritcare, where he also took charge of Meritcare’s Intensive Care Department. He is well regarded in a variety of medical communities, and holds membership in the American Academy of Home Care Physicians. Dr. Richard Wacksman is also a Fellow with the American College of Physicians. Before continuing on to medical school and after completing his undergraduate degree, Dr. Richard Wacksman spent several years in service to his community while working at the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services. Dr. Wacksman began his involvement in 1974, when he accepted a position as the Facilities Supervisor of the Duval House. In addition to managing the budget, Dr. Richard Wacksman counseled juvenile delinquents who had committed multiple offenses. One year later, Dr. Richard Wacksman took the role of Assistant Superintendent of the Health and Rehabilitative Services at Duval House. In this position, Dr. Wacksman served as the House’s community liaison while supervising other staff members. In addition, Dr. Richard Wacksman developed counseling programs and trained the counseling personnel. Ultimately Dr. Wacksman rose to a position as the Dependency/Delinquency Intake Supervisor for all of the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services.

  • Education
    • Masters in Business Administration, Moorhead State University
    • Doctor of Medicine, American University of the Caribbean