Dr. Sam Fillingane

Osteopathic Medicine Specialist in United States

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Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO is a medical professional who specializes in Osteopathic Medicine. Always sure to consider all factors at play, his approach is often holistic in nature. Beyond his main focus, he is also an expert in diagnosing and treating conditions which often symptomatically relate and interact with Osteopathic conditions. Credited in numerous studies throughout his career, Dr. Sam Fillingane consistently participates inresearch efforts within his field.

Outside of Sam Fillingane’s primary specialty of Osteopathic Medicine, he also maintains expertise in the areas of:

- Genetic Disorders

- Mental Health Disorders

- Autoimmune Disorders

These disorders, along with a variety of other ailments, often intersect with Osteopathic conditions.Dr. Fillingane’s expertise in these areasstrengthens his ability to pinpoint and diagnose conditions faced by his patients as directly and effectively as possible.

Be sure to check out Straight To The Heart, an informative television program that Dr. Sam Fillingane co-hosted with Russ Robinson. On a weekly basis, the show, which aired on My Family TV Network, aimed to educate viewers about Osteopathic Medicine and the numerous conditions within its realm. Fillingane enjoyed the opportunity to share his knowledge, advice and research-backed insight with the Straight To The Heart viewers.