Dr Shamim Y. Patel MD

Gynecologist in Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Shamim Patel started working as a doctor at Northwestern Memorial Hospital after completing her OB/GYN residency, where she spent several years assisting women in Chicago before opting to return to her hometown of Naperville. Not only does she get to aid innumerable ladies with their healthcare problems, but she also gets to be closer to old family members and friends.

Dr. Shamim Y. Patel MD deals with a wide range of distinct health problems that affect women from all backgrounds in her capacity as an OB GYN practitioner. Endometriosis is a prevalent cause of pain and discomfort in women of all ages, and she has assisted many ladies who have it. It might be challenging for a woman to get pregnant and cause cyclic pain and bleeding if endometrial tissue is found outside of the uterus. Women experiencing these problems can benefit from a wide range of therapy options offered by Dr. Patel.

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  • Education
    • Smolensk State Medical Academys