Dr. Soon K. Kim

President and CEO of Signature Healthcare Systems in Corona, California

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Supported by a strong background in psychiatry, Dr. Soon Kuyn Kim currently runs the hospital management company Signature Healthcare Services, LLC. Based in Michigan and California, Signature Healthcare operates more than half a dozen psychiatric facilities, including one in Chicago, two in Arizona, and 4 in Arizona.. Dr. Soon K. Kim has presided over the company as CEO since its inception.

A practicing doctor for more than 40 years, Dr. Soon K. Kim completed an internship in upstate New York as well as a fellowship and residency in Michigan before opening his own practice. Dr. Kim maintains a focus in general psychiatry, but also holds board certification in mental health treatments for senior citizens. He has also spent considerable time as a Medical Director for multiple hospitals in Michigan and for the Michigan Healthcare Corporation.

After providing treatment through his private practice, honing his leadership skills as a Medical Director, and gaining experience in facility management, Dr. Soon K. Kim opened Signature Healthcare Services in 2000. Through the firm, he continues to provide comprehensive treatment for individuals with mental health disorders, including alcohol and substance abuse. Each of his hospitals serves voluntary patients and assists patients of all ages with a variety of behavioral concerns. Dr. Kim’s facilities offer both inpatient and outpatient programs and work with most managed care companies.

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    • Signature Healthcare Systems
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    • Seoul National University