Dr. Steve Paragioudakis, MD

Doctor in Shrewsbury, NJ

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Dr. Steve Paragioudakis, MD, is dedicated to his career and values a balanced lifestyle. He often travels with his family and visits new restaurants, exploring different cultures and views. His hobbies include weight training and exercise, particularly in economics and sports. His love for travel has brought him all around the world, from beaches with breathtaking views to learning Spanish as an additional language.

He sets an example for his children and up-and-coming doctors by balancing work-life commitments. Dr. Paragioudakis understands that having a well-rounded lifestyle is essential for achieving the best professional results, yet it requires dedication and hard work to make this happen. This dedication allows him to stay abreast of the latest advancements in orthopedic and spinal surgery while taking time to invest in personal growth activities such as travel and learning a foreign language.

In conclusion, Steve Paragioudakis is an accomplished orthopedic spine surgeon who stays informed of recent developments in his field while living a balanced life outside of work. His passion for exploration has led him to many exotic locations worldwide where he can practice speaking new languages and experience different cultures firsthand.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts At Johns Hopkins University