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Dr. Sue Hegel D.C works with you to create miracles with your life, living and body. Dr. Hegel’s extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, translated into 18 years of working with bodies, coupled with her medical intuitive skills and energy work including that of Access Consciousness, Reiki and Heart2Heart, the health concerns you harbor in your body, mind and spirit, can be translated and changed using her brand new program. Our thought leading women, YOU, no longer have to conquer your health concerns and inner conflicts alone. Dr. Hegel specializes in creating ease and relief by transforming stuck beliefs (inner conflict) that create the dis-ease and not so fun health conditions we grapple with every day. What if your allegiance is to create vitality everyday instead of subconscious “health problems”? What Else Is Possible?

Ifyou are tired of feeling stuck, and even more done with hearing the constantinternal dialogue of conflict, and would like to increase your vitality, and donot know what else to do, and are seeking change, we are so glad you are here, youcan learn more by visiting

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