Pete Bosse, PhD

Small Business Owner, Life Coach, and Public Speaker in San Antonio, Texas

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I help companies improve profits by reducing Detractor and increasing Promoter customers.

My passion is inspiring, building, and leading teams to develop breakthrough customer experiences that solve consumer problems and have real commercial value in the global marketplace.

I helped one company improve their customer experience, reduce customer defections by 40% and improve profits by $10 million. If you want to STOP customer defections and improve your customer experience, then contact me now at 612-810-2524.

I am a Net Promoter Certified Associate and a Customer Experience Expert focused on the four pillars of the customer experience: leadership, culture, people and process. I coach, mentor and build teams that deliver results by creating differentiating customer experiences. My principle-centered character and values enable me to consistently deliver on my commitments.

I founded HolidayItForward.Org in 2011 to leverage social media and the network effect to help others in need.

My contact phone is 612-810-2524 or email me at [email protected].