Dr.Teresa Wilburn

Dr.Teresa Wilburn


A determined, committed professor of life, Dr. Teresa (Dr. T) Wilburn brings a special brand of compassion and enthusiasm to her work as a professional educator. For nearly 30 years, Dr. T has dedicated her life to inspiring and equipping her students with the tools necessary for success.

Integrating her studies with her experiences in life and the classroom, Dr. T has authored a self-help book entitled, My Life a Bestselling Novel due out in January 2013. This interactive reader is designed to help people reach their full potential.

Dr. Wilburn uses journaling as a teaching and counseling tool for students as young as kindergarten and as sophisticated as Master’s level. “Journaling reaches the soul and helps us to be reflective and grow”, says Dr. T.

Growing in popularity as a speaker, Dr. T uses her innovative approach of interactive education to empower and equip her students to expand their minds and broaden their thinking.

Her newest initiative Middle School University provides Middle School parents with useful information about how to prepare their adolescents for college. Sessions focus on empowering parents/caregivers to become advocates in student learning and improved student outcomes that ultimately lead to overall academic success.

Dr. T was born in Chicago, Illinois but raised in Atlanta, Georgia by a strong quorum of hard-working women who expected nothing but the very best. The loving instruction from mother taught her how to live and laugh but attending Spelman College taught her how to appreciate learning.

Dr. Teresa holds a Bachelor’s degree from Spelman College, a Master’s degree in Business Administration from National Louis University, a Master’s in School Administration from Jones Interna