Drummond Road Capital

Drummond Road Capital founder Morris Wheeler began his career on Wall Street after studying Economics and Computer Science at The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and earning his JD at Yale Law School.

Early on in his venture capital career, he specialized in computer software and media deals. From there as CEO he led the team that created and managed an online media distribution company with the founders of MTV, Island Records and Gateway Computers. Over the past decade, Mr. Wheeler has managed a diverse venture capital and private equity portfolio, and served as Chairman and CEO of Cohesant, a definitely non-digital company that extends the life of aging water infrastructure. During his tenure, Cohesant's public investors enjoyed a 28% annualized return .

As an investor, Drummond Road looks for entrepreneurs that combine big, game changing ideas with the tenacity, comittment and competitive fire necessary to turn those ideas into profitable reality.