Dr. Victor Bruce MD

Concierge Medical Professional in United States

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Dr. Victor Bruce MD is a Concierge Medical Professional. As a physician at the helm of Ayitey Medical Center, Bruce specializes in General Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Family Medicine.

Dr. Victor Bruce MD is an experienced medical professional with three decades of experience practicing and studying medicine. He took on his first role as an Intern at Korlebu Teaching Hospital in his native Ghana. Interning side by side with professionals in the Trauma, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Urology and Pediatric Surgery Departments of the hospital, Bruce MD earned a wealth of knowledge through this hands-on experience. He has also maintained roles at George Washington University, Beth Israel Medical Center, Southwest Medical Associates, Swanlake Medical Center and Trucare Medical Center. Now Dr. Bruce leads Ayitey Medical Center (AMC) as a Concierge Medical Professional.

Both a personal and professional passion of his, Dr. Victor Bruce MD is an expert in wellness and enhancement programs. Bruce MD has played a direct role in developing wellness programs, including a Guided Weight Loss Regimen. Focused on preventative healthcare, his wellness programs are centered around strengthening the body and immune system in order to prevent potential health problems, injuries or illnesses.

The Best Wealth is Health - Dr. Victor Bruce MD