Bryce Lynch

Information Security Practitioner in San Francisco, California

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I am a professional computer geek who has done (in no order) red team penetration testing, C&A, IV&V, vulnerability research, software development, and technical writing. I am currently working as a system administrator. When not at work I persue my interests in online privacy, anonymity and open source software. I sometimes publish texts and training materials into the Creative Commons and blog about developments in the fields of biotechnology, 3D printing, open source technologies and information security.

I always have other weird little projects running on the side. I don't post about them because I seldom remember to talk about them.

I am a member of HacDC, a hackerspace based in Washington, DC where I am one of the core developers of Project Byzantium, a live distribution of Linux used to easily and rapidly set up wireless mesh networks to provide communication and collaboration services where the telecommunications grid is either offline or dangerously compromised. I am also a member of the Zero State, a virtual society which is working to bring about positive social change through the responsible application and dissemination of open source technologies. I consider mysefl a citizen of the Internet. I teach the odd seminar on operational security, wireless networking, encryption, anonymity and privacy to whomever is interested. I believe that knowledge shared is power for everyone.

My topics of personal research at present include anti-censorship technologies and means of their circumvention, open source intelligence (OSINT), intelligence analysis, decentralized technologies, hacktivism, ad-hocracy and fifth-generation warfare. I post about them when I have something worth saying and sometimes give lectures about them. One of my hobbies is the development and deployment of semi-autonomous software constructs that run around the Net, usually collecting and processing information on my behalf but sometimes carrying out tasks that I'm too busy for. I am also a member of the Advisory Board of the Lifeboat Foundation.

I am currently preparing to publish my first book, entitled Turtles All the Way Down.

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