Dustyn Winder

Gadfly in Kampala, Uganda

Dustyn Winder

Gadfly in Kampala, Uganda

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I'm a husband slash dad slash entrepreneur slash investor, unable to sit still and possibly a bit *too* curious about the world.

Generally speaking, when not chasing a toddler, I'm reading, writing, thinking or tweeting about economics + emerging markets, the future of cities + money + work, or the health of the planet + food + people. I also really dig the NBA, European football, things that go fast, and SciFi.

The path I've taken to satiate this curiosity throughout my life has been - to vastly understate it - meandering.

I've started an education non-profit in Uganda, consulted for African think tanks, P.E., and mega-foundations, led a digital media startup, and advised campaigns, social enterprises, and global health advocacy organizations.

Today, I'm a founding partner at Akili, a full stack African venture development company (r&d, startup studio, dev shop, fund management, innovation consultancy), with a focus on ecosystem building, accelerating and empowering the next generation of great African enterprises and entrepreneurs.

I also advise a few startups in domains including challenger banking, disease diagnostics and long-distance drone delivery. And I dabble with a family + friends foundation trying to at least leave our kids with good bones to build on.

The bottom line is this: My life and career to date have taken me all over this spaceship we call Earth, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm ever on the move and constantly interested in smart people doing crazy cool things. So, if you've stuck around this long, let's chat.


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    • University of Tennessee