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Dustyn Winder

VC in Kampala, Uganda

Dustyn Winder

VC in Kampala, Uganda

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I'm a husband / dad / strategist / investor / entrepreneur who's ceaselessly curious about the world. Generally speaking, when not chasing a toddler, I'm reading, writing or thinking about technology, media, economics, emerging markets, social enterprise and HUGE ideas for BIG problems. (I also really dig adventure, the NBA, European football, things that go fast, and SciFi.)

The path I've taken to satiate this curiosity throughout my life has been, to vastly understate it, meandering.

I've started a non-profit in Uganda, consulted for African think tanks, PE funds, and mega-foundations, led a venture backed digital media startup, and advised campaigns for politicians and progressive advocacy organizations.

Currently, I'm in the process of launching, a Kampala based venture studio and early stage fund reframing VC for Africa. I’m also advising a number of start-ups working in fields ranging from FinTech to healthcare, and noodling on ideas alongside my wife, including a multi-pronged advocacy organization of socially conscious millennial parents.

The bottom line is this: My life and career to date have taken me all over this spaceship we call Earth, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm ever on the move and constantly interested in smart people doing crazy cool things. So, if you've stuck around this long, let's chat.


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