Duane Kennedy

You are reading my biography. It tells you something witty about me. Then something funny. Then something deep and life-changingly profound, followed by more funny. In just this brief scatter of words, you feel you know me. Yet you want to know more.

Done with the bio, you click a link or two below. Facebook pics, Twitter ramblings. Decide that, all in all, I am just some guy. Some random person making their way, best they can. Just like you. Just like everyone. You feel connected. We are.

You close the page, get on with your day. The bio part sticks with you. You will mention the deep thing to your wife or husband or sister or close friend and share a moment of quiet intimacy. Later you will remember one of the funny bits and chuckle to yourself.

"What's so funny?" he or she asks.

"Nothing," you say, smiling. Peaceful. Happy. "It's nothing at all."