Duane Tant

Small Business Owner and Consultant in Pensacola, Florida

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My life's passion is communicating the living standard imperative as measured by the definition:

"Moral Maturity -- The degree to which a Living Standard values Life-support System Earth; God's Creation; Our Children's Rightful Inheritance to Infinite Inter-generational Wealth."

My mission in 2019, is to add voice and value to the pioneering journey good humans are taking to <embed> Values-driven Design (VDD) into our American Living Standard(s).

Re-design * Re-engineer * Re-integrate

While seeking comfort, mobility, health, security and prosperity in my own personal living standard, I insist on the systems-level requirement -- "while not killing ourselves off the planet at the same time."

My humble attempts to seek Biosphere Infinity for our children's grandchildren (GEN4X), I am currently working in the following Living Standard Domains:

Forest Gardening;

As I transition my property from a food desert to a food forest, I hope to inform my local and global neighbors to the Life-support System performance benefits of landscaping with food.

Insect Agriculture (IA);

As a NextGen food and feed technology, the reality is that the United States is significantly trailing Mexican, Asian, African and other "third-world" regions in producing IA businesses and profits.

BioSphere Engineering:

Because my most fortunate and blessed career has been one of performing at the systems-integration level on state-of-the-art communications technologies, I am excited to be part of The New Frontier of leading edge Living Standard designs, technologies, products and services.

Join me on this expedition to the 22nd century.

  • Work
    • VectorLinc, Corp.
  • Education
    • US Air Force, Technical Training
    • University of Maryland University College