Musician in London, United Kingdom


Musician in London, United Kingdom

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Releases :

You Are Made From Old Stars

The Dissolution Tapes


What We Left Behind

Horror Vacui

None for the Crow EP / LIVE 1 LIVE 2

equilibria / LIVE

The Containment Sessions

Beats for the Subverted

Unbounded (iTunes)

Come Home (with Texture)

'…it’s the combined crunch of the turntable with the digital sample that works here, true to the traditions of hip hop.' Create Digital Music

'Every track is laden with dusty breaks and samples, complex jazz drums and exquisite hooks ... a traditional but innovative slice of trip-hop that references the genre's golden age without ever feeling derivative.' WPNZR

'If ever there were art music disguised as downtempo broken beats, it is Paul Croker's equilibria...' Disquiet

'Croker is reaching for his own balance from his chosen musical multiplicity ... creating his own equilibria of tonality.' Acts of Silence