Davood Abbaszade Sadiq

Art Director, Architect, and Designer in Tabriz

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I worked as Computer & Network Engineer at Tabriz University for over 7 years. Then I decided to quit from there to concentrate more on my favorite skills, CG (computer graphics) & VFX (visual effects). I'm currently Chief Executive Officer of Ulduz Rayane Company & Art Director at FrameScope, a CG & VFX Studio.

I got my Bachelor of Arts degree in English Translation at 2007. I'm a self-taught computer engineer and also a passionate CG artist.

Currently I'm busy to some projects with OORCHIN company, an architecture company with high & brillant ideas. Applications I often use consist of 3DS Max, VRay, Corona, AfterEffects, Premire, Photoshop, ... and some 3D plugins like RealFlow, FumeFx, RayFire and etc. I Model, Simulate, Animate, Render and composite the results to reach a realistic end results.