Daniel Vimont

Software Engineer, Teacher, and Consultant in Osaka, Japan

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Daniel Vimont has recently taken a dive into the deep end of the Big Data pond, first by becoming an active committer to the Apache HBase project, then with the beta release of his ColumnManager for HBase™, which brings missing metadata management options (standard in other DBMS systems) to HBase, and now with his direct submission of "column aliasing" functionality for inclusion in the HBase 2.0.0 code-base.

This marks a vigorous comeback to the software engineering world following a seven-year sojourn spent getting his Masters degree in Education (to complement his MBA), and honing his pedagogical, storytelling, and marketing skills as a teacher and audiobook narrator.

Prior to that, Daniel spent over a decade at Treehouse Software, engaged not only on the technical side in design, development, and project-leadership of their flagship data-migration product suite, but also as a lead evangelist and educator for the technology, addressing groups both large and small on sales tours and in customized training sessions.

Where does he go from here? Well, he’s looking to either get hired/contracted as a developer/evangelist with one of the many new enterprises that have sprung up in the Big Data ecosystem, or to become engaged in other intriguing projects in the broader IT or educational realm. Not only can he build the stuff, but he can also generate enthusiasm for it!

Stay tuned! This is starting to get interesting!!


And in the meantime, here are some other links you should click on just out of curiosity:

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Perhaps most vital of all: Daniel and his wife are maintaining firm control of the Pokemon Go gyms in their neighborhood of northern Osaka, she under the moniker "FineusBester" and he with an avatar dubbed "NimsplatDeluxe".