Dwayne Matthews

Public Speaker, curator, and educator in Canada

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I am a life and education strategist. I converge knowledge and share it with those that seek it for the betterment of themselves and others.


"Dwayne not only has invaluable insights into both the educational and business arenas but an amazing ability to convey hidden truths in a clear and engaging manner. One of the best public speakers I’ve encountered, he leaves the audience more knowledgeable than when they arrived and charged to make a difference."

Nicole Carter,

Creative Flame Media

"Dwayne Matthews is a true renaissance thinker, able to pick up quickly on various opportunities that, only when knit together, realize their true value."

Tracey Dodenhoff,

Director, Center for Research

and Innovation, Northeastern

University, Boston, USA

"Whether in an intimate setting or a large crowd, Dwayne Matthews has the magical ability to draw you in with his heightened sense of story telling and passion. He knows how to engage and inspire a room"

Suzan Barrett,

Director of Strategy,

OMD, Toronto Canada

"Listening to Dwayne Matthews is like a pow-wow with the coach you always wish you had. Insightful, affirming and practical-minded, Dwayne inspires as he teaches and teaches from a place of lived experience."

Jason Paul,

Physics & Philosophy student at Amherst College, Mass, USA

"Dwayne Matthews is very hard woking and very bright. I really enjoy working with him."

Ben duPont,

Member of the duPont family

Previously I was the Canadian executive director of an intelligence firm with a focus on finding clean technology for the Fortune 500, I was also the managing director of the Clean 15 Challenge, Canada’s largest cleantech challenge in 2009, and 2010, which partnered with NASA Techbriefs in 2011. Before that I was an international educator at a top private school and the junior chairperson at a TDSB school in Canada

Brief snapshot of my professional journey:

Serial Entrepreneur (Sold one company, failed at second, now loving working on my passion)

Former Venture Partner of Yet2 Ventures secondary fund (Canadian technology and fund scouting)

Former contributor to the Canadian Business Journal (Over 30 articles written)

Former teacher (9 years as a teacher, two of those in Peru and the rest in Canada)

Speaker at the Peter Lougheed Conference, an invitation only executive conference for oil executives in Calgary, Canada

Speaker at World Petroleum Council Youth Forum

Speaker at Council of Engineering Scientific Society Executives

Speaker at Conference Board of Canada

Speaker at the