Daniel Wildt

Software Engineer, Writer, and Teacher in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

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I'm a software developer helping people to become better people, teams to grow and products to come alive. I can play as a Developer, Mentor, Advisor, Consultant, Product Manager, Engineer Manager, Head of Product, Head of Technology, CTO, you name it.

I can manage teams, projects, products and services. But... be sure to understand that my process is about building autonomy and trust whenever I am. I use Design Thinking, Lean Thinking, Systems Thinking, Agile Methodologies and Non Violent Communication to do that. Add a bit of Neurolinguistics Programming and Vulnerability (Shame Resilience).

My mission? I have two:

a) To be a Chief Heart Officer, creating safety, enabling spaces where people can be who they are, and are able to bring their best to the game of building a company, product or a service. Consider the understanding that we can become more role based and responsibility based. Less bureaucracy, more self organized / self managed teams.

b) To be a Chief Boring Officer, enabling teams to use the best tools and create flow through automation and standardized processes to make sure we can have autonomy and we can be responsible while doing our work running teams.

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-- Daniel Wildt

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