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To numerous this may be an easy decision, however checking your mid-sections will pack you a cluster of cards, coins, jewels and conceivably some uncommon plunder, in case you're fortunate. Riches, for example, this rapidly include, particularly on the off chance that you play regular.

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Silver and Crown mid-sections are harder to drop by, yet are significantly more prone to contain uncommon cards and gobs of valuable gold. Make sure to assert your accomplishments too by selecting the strip symbol adjacent to matchmaking.

Locate the ideal position

Units will respond distinctively relying upon where they bring forth on the guide, and this could without much of a stretch choose your destiny in a match. Attempt and recall the best time and place to bring forth a unit, utilizing your position to exploit the foe.

On the off chance that one path is involved with an engaging armed force, sneak up the other with a goliath and a couple of bowmen. In the event that timed superbly, triumph is without a doubt yours. Keep in mind to populate your base with guarded units as well, which takes us to our next point.

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Shield your base

Regardless of how fulfilling it might be to charge towards the adversary, you won't be going anyplace if your base is left helpless. Part your armed force in a manner that keeps the foe from overpowering you, blending units between every tower.

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Quick or armed force based units are best utilized for guarded play, as they can rapidly reach and obliterate your adversary. Shot assaults, for example, slings and bolts are helpful as well, inasmuch as you time them all around ok.