Doug Metz

Senior Security Forensics Specialist

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I am a Senior Security Forensics Specialist with Magnet Forensics. My work in information security has supported government, private sector and academic institutions and includes over 15 years of experience in DFIR.

I hold several industry certifications including: MCFE, MCME, MCCE, MCVE, GCIH, GCFE, GCFA, GCTI, GREM, CISSP, NW3C CCE.

I am passionate about forensics and cyber security, and consider myself a lifelong learner in this field. I like to share my insights on my blog at

I am a member of the High Tech Crime Investigators Association (HTCIA) and a volunteer for Magnet's Auxtera Project, which provides pro bono digital forensics services to agencies in need.

  • Education
    • University of Notre Dame