Dwoskin Family Foundation

The Dwoskin Family Foundation, also known as The Albert and Claire Dwoskin Family Foundation, was formed from the passion of Claire and Albert Dwoskin. As part of the foundation’s charitable work, Claire Dwoskin pursues autoimmune disease research in the area of vaccine safety and advocacy. Having been a child health advocate for a decade, Ms. Dwoskin’s goal is to contribute to a better understanding of the causes of chronic illness and disability so that measures that can prevent and cure can follow more quickly.

Ms. Dwoskin is also the founder of the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute and an active volunteer board member of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), working with them to develop a national campaign to educate the public about vaccinations. The Albert and Claire Dwoskin Family Foundation provided seed funding and guidance for the 2011 award-winning documentary, The Greater Good and prominent peer-reviewed journals including Annals of Medicine, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, Lupus, Autoimmunity, and Vaccine have published research and articles funded by the Dwoskin Family Foundation.