New York

A tactic is not a strategy.

A strategy is not just a buzzword, an assortment of technological fixes, or consulting firm templates.

A strategy demands a clearly defined, quantifiable goal objective, and a clear sequence of actions designed to lead there. That's the sort of fundamental understanding I bring to all my work, whether as part of a team, as the leader of a team, or as an independent consultant.

I’m passionate not just about strategy, but about the research that underpins the best strategies, the narratives that propel them, and the systems that sustain them and create lasting change.

As a student and colleague of I Have a Strategy (No, You Don’t) author Howell Malham, political economy expert and Austerity author Mark Blyth, and Toscafund CCO Robert Lord, I’ve learned firsthand how to develop and apply strategies in fields from social good to political economy to finance. My broad range of experience gives me tremendous versatility and adaptability within an organization. Put me to work for you now.

Professional Experience:

  • Designer and Social Media Strategist for a bestselling author
  • Social Media Strategist for a winning first-time NYC Council candidate
  • Social Media Researcher and Manager for a foundation working in social good
  • Senior Field Team Deputy for a national political campaign
  • Licensed Compliance Officer for an international investment bank
  • Policy Researcher with the United States Congress

Charitable & Community Work:

  • Vice President of one of New York City's oldest progressive Democratic clubs, responsible for communications, and producing the largest event in over a decade
  • Board of Directors, Finance Committee, and Long-Term Planning for 67-Year old, 400-acre private park dedicated to working people, slavic heritage, and progressive causes
  • Board of Directors, Co-Founder of a non-for-profit dedicated to promoting and providing a comprehensive guide to HIV prevention and coordinated care and benefits in New York City
  • Work
    • Insight Labs
  • Education
    • Johns Hopkins University