David William Wilkin


Author/Publisher of Regency Romances including the Pride and Prejudice continuation-Colonel Fitzwilliam's Correspondence, Two Peas in a Pod, The End of the World, The Shattered Mirror, and Beggars Can't be Choosier. Also, the more contemporary, humorous Jane Austen and Ghosts.

David also writes in other genres and has published the 5 part Fantasy series, A Trolling We Will Go. The story of Humphrey, an orphan woodcutter whose feats of heroism lead to the rule of a kingdom alongside his wife Gwendolyn. (Who names a hero Humphrey?)

His Steampunk tale, The Adventures of Wilkins Micawber and Daniel Copperfield and the Great Diamond Heist of 1879 can be found in Mechanized Masterpieces A Steampunk Anthology.

To see a list of all of David's Books, visit this link.

  • Education
    • Bachelors in History from UCLA, MBA