Dyeneka A. Campa

Children's Book Author & Illustrator in Los Angeles, California

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Hi, my name is Dyeneka Campa!

I am a Blaxican author and illustrator from Los Angeles, CA who strives to encourage young readers to embrace their cultural and ethnic characteristics.

As a biracial woman, I can attest to identifying as "other". I choose to use the power of literature to celebrate the increasingly diverse population. Whether the differences are in skin complexion, hair texture, body shape, or abilities, I believe we are all special and unique.

My recent book, "Leo, The Fearless and Furless Lion" highlights the harsh treatment a child may endure at school for simply possessing a different look. Readers are invited to share empathy and even giggle at times as the protagonist, Leo the Lion, cleverly tries to overcome his challenge.

The vibrant and fun illustrations, alongside the inspiring story, makes the message of acceptance welcoming and entertaining.

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