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Dynfari plays post-rock and black metal influenced music. Since its formation as a duo in 2010 this now fully formed Icelandic band has made four albums. Armed with candlelight and incense, the band's hypnotizing live performances elevate all senses into another world. Dynfari's lyrical themes deal with the philosophy of life, death, pain, the universe, loss, hope and sorrow.

* The Four Doors Of The Mind (2017)
[Code666 Records/Aural Music]

The Four Doors of the Mind is a 48 minute composition about pain. Alternating between post-rock vibes and black metal atmospheres, the album explores fantasy writer Patrick Rothfuss’ theory on the mind’s abilities to cope with pain, namely sleep, forgetting, madness and death, by weaving it together with over 100 year old lamentations on human existence by early 20th century Icelandic existentialist poet Jóhann Sigurjónsson. The combination of the two writers’ thoughts, seemingly far apart in both time and space, is embodied in the union of the drive of black metal with more traditional soundscapes of acoustic guitar, accordion, flute and bouzouki.

* Vegferð tímans (2015)
[Code666 Records/Aural Music]

Directly translated as "Journey of Time", Dynfari's third full-length album glimpses into untold history: the inevitable demise of man as matter once living and breathing, dissolving into nothingness, uniting with the infinite heavens and becoming one with the stars...

* Sem Skugginn (2012)
[Code666 Records/Aural Music]

A highly dynamic and diverse concept album touching on the subject of humanity’s decline and human depravity in relation to the striking contrasts between how humanity is but a brief moment in history compared to the eternity that is the age of the universe. The diversity is personified with ambient sounds followed by blast beats, fast tempos by slow tempos, loudness by quiet and melancholy by hope…

* Dynfari (2011)
[self-released - 50 handnumbered copies]
Following a mourner's story through misery and hopelessness after discovering his brother's death in a vast, snow-trodden wasteland - finding his eventual destination<