Nyco Dyszel

Filmmaker in London, United Kingdom

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Born in Buenos Aires, Nico aka Nyco, grew up linked to music and soon after discovered his passion for cinema when he found an 80s camera in a closet at home. His love for both arts motivated him to study film while already being an early hardware Avid editor in his early twenties. Soon enough he emigrates to Europe to become a photographer for Vice Magazine when the publishing was only printed, before their online explosion.

He published in Paris, Barcelona and London, where he decided to spend almost a decade ending up at Rankin Studios to become a Director.

He shoot commercials for Prada, Chanel, FCUK, Veuve Clicquot, Häagen-Dazs, among many others. Having the chance to direct celebrities like Sienna Miller, Miley Cirus, Ralph Fiennes, Jake Bugg and many more.

The ability to combine visual storytelling and beautiful aesthetics are his trademark. Constantly in search of that different touch to express his art.