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Dyvik Chenna

Social Media Manager in Gurugram, India

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Dyvik is a leader who is good at working on humongous tasks and spent several years in building Opensource communities.Being a part of Meta team of Mozilla India he is currently working on restructuring the existing community(Which needs intensive knowledge about Marketing, Operations, Technology, financial and Human resources) and making process flow easily for around 10000+ contributors in different regions across India.He is also an Official Mozilla Representative who represented Mozilla globally and locally by delivering around 40+ talks on different domains.

Keeping his contributions aside,He is currently working as an Assistant Manager-Marketing at Spencer's Retail which is one of the oldest brand established since 1863, where he is responsible for building Digital Marketing strategies and also offline marketing(includes ATL, BTL), Affiliate marketing and conducting regular analysis on consumer insights for 9+ cities.Being a digital savvy he also works on Digital and social media strategies/SEO, Performance marketing, Marketing Automation, AI, Machine learning, Online reputation management, Social listening, Omni-channel management.Finally, he is also involved in weekly meetings with CEO, New business launches, Tech evaluation, and Re-branding.

Before started to work he was associated with many startup communities and that's the place where he learned about happiness behind a successful man and also their pain points.He has suggested and helped in their journey of growth and also learned lessons from their failures.

He would like to conclude himself as a self-esteemed person with good organizational, interpersonal skills and quick learning skills along with the subject knowledge(includes Marketing, Business Strategy, Digital, Analytical skills and others)

Finally, What does he do in his free time?
Travelling, Cooking and Photography are what he loves to do in his free time.