Elliot Connor

Filmmaker, Author, and Naturalist in Sydney, Australia

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Elliot Connor (born 18 October 2002) is an Australian popular science writer, presenter and producer. He is best known for founding the international environmental NGO Human Nature Projects, which supports volunteers across 107 countries. He is the author of "Human Nature: How to be a Better Animal", with a lifelong goal to reframe our human relationship with the natural world."

In February 2020, Elliot gave a TED talk entitled "Evolution and How to Save the World." He has since spoken at the World Biodiversity Forum in Davos, at Samsung HQ in South Korea and at the World Climate Forum. He is a strong proponent of biomimicry and other innovative conservation practices, coining the Durrell Effect, Conservation's 4 C's, and Mass Individualism.

Elliot has appeared on CGTN, Ticker News and Channel 10, but remembers his time covering live safaris with WildEarth TV most fondly. His interview for the Proust Nature Questionnaire featured alongside that of Pulitzer Prize winners, National Geographic explorers, astronauts, and a New York Times best-selling author. He was awarded an NSW Black Opal award in honour of his selfless dedication to voluntary pursuits, alongside a Young Landcare Leader accolade. He has been named Samsung Eco-Hero 2020 for his work with Human Nature Projects and honoured with a Young Citizen of the Year title during Australia Day celebrations. "Articulate and visionary," Elliot supports sustainable development as a Global Goodwill Ambassador, graduating from the Clinton Global Initiative University.