Eamonn Rea


Hello one an all! I am the one and only Sonic2kk! I have a YouTube channel, a Google+ Profile, a Twitter account, a Tumblr account and of course an about.me page. I have 1 game, Mr. BallGuy, which is currently undergoing a full rewrite. If you want to, you can keep up with it's progress on GitHub.

I am working on a few other games, and there are some failed projects on GitHub which you can look at, hack, fork and do whatever you want to those projects! Just give me original credit.

Have fun doing whatever! Be sure to keep up with me on the social media and on YouTube! Have a nice day!

The one thing that isn't working very well on about.me is the YouTube app. So, click here to view my YouTube account.

  • Work
    • GameDevStudios
  • Education
    • De La Salle College