easiest heart rate monitor to use

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The heart rate monitor: for what use?

A heart rate monitor is the ideal accessory if you want to

measure the distance you travel

time your time

evaluate your rhythm and especially calculate your heart rate during a sport activity

measure the number of calories lost

measure the amount of fat burned during a physical effort

know your maximum heart rate

know your VO2max (maximum oxygen volume)

your ability to recover after a sport activity

easiest heart rate monitor to use

In general, watches are supplied with a transmitter belt that is positioned on the chest to measure heart rate. A receiver is also worn on the wrist. Thanks to the heart rate monitor you can monitor your progress by setting yourself the goal of improving, knowing your limits and perhaps exceeding them. For many it is a useless object, even a gadget, but think again, running with a heart rate monitor can be advantageous to know your limits and avoid injuring yourself, sometimes, dangerously. An amateur sportsman can take risks by not knowing his capacities. That's why a heart rate monitor will be beneficial as it is a health object and will improve your results over time. A heart rate monitor can warn you if your effort is too high or too low, if it does not correspond to the basic training program.

To perform intensive and complete exercises, it is important to know your maximum heart rate which is the maximum number of heartbeats per minute. It is possible to estimate it yourself:

for a woman: (226 - her age) = FCmax

for a man : (220 - his age) = FCmax

The first formula being an estimate, for easiest heart rate monitor to use is more experienced athletes, it is advisable to do a maximum heart rate test. This test lasts from 4 to 6 minutes in the presence of a doctor to know the real result. For your health, it is better to avoid exceeding this maximum heart rate. This indicator decreases with age.

Whether you are an athlete or not, an occasional or regular runner, heart rate monitors are for everyone. As accurate as functional, you can add them to your sports equipment. To help you choose among the different models of heart rate monitors that exist, we have prepared a comparative buying guide.