The Hunter.

On the road: Eastern Canada, then the West.

Hello — my name is Ebonnie Hollenbeck. I also go by The Hunter. Nature, antlered wildlife, landscapes and ideas surrounding the hunt are areas in which I am most interested in expressing. My focus in art has centered on stone lithographic drawings of abstract settings with antlers, deer and elk in negative contrast to each background. These works reflect the strong interests I have in drawing inspiration from nature and creating images intuitively.

I don’t restrict my artistic production to simply print as I find found-object installation art fascinating. This led me to create a series called Into Your Hideout. In each new hideout I use prints and objects to create an alternate environment to place the viewer within.

On a continual basis I play with concepts of hiding, being seen, searching and natural and constructed environments. With regards to hunting and scavenging I feel that in my personal acts of collecting antlers, furs and feathers I am performing the concepts for which I am interested in expressing.

When it comes to art-making, I am taken with how one can cross the boundaries between different media to produce a total art-object. The choice of materials and processes has always been important as it helps to further enhance the meaning and message behind each work. For example, I prime my paintings using animal skin glue as opposed to gesso to help relate to my imagery involving nature and wildlife. Or I will embed actual antlers or feathers in each piece. With installations, I use the same techniques and gestures in my murals, without any pre-design, to produce the same kind of effect for each show while being unique to the space.

  • Education
    • Queens University, BFAH