Eric Brekher

New York, New York

I love networking and I love how far social media has come in order to allow us to network in an infinite number of ways. I love being able to take advantage of today's amazing digital media space and help brands and consumers do the same through so many great social media tools. I take pride in my experience of helping companies create and embrace a sense of community for their brand. I do this while constantly working to expand my own network and gain more experience within the marketing industry and generally as a young professional. Aside from a few quality years of marketing experience, I am very proud of my college career where I was fortunate enough to study abroad in both Russia and Australia. I use these experiences in everyday decision-making as I feel the consideration of as many perspectives as possible is an essential part of marketing (and life). Therefore I am eager to bring my fresh perspective to building and maintaining quality relationships for any brand!

  • Work
    • Online Marketing
  • Education
    • Suffolk University - Double major in Marketing and Global Business