Elizabeth Brumbaugh

Educational Leader in San Jose, California

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Elizabeth is an Educational Leader in San Jose, CA, and the Preschool-Grade 12 Learning, Innovation and Design Director for The Harker School.

Elizabeth has been a classroom teacher, beginning teacher coach, assistant principal and director of educational technology programs across Santa Clara County.

She holds a Master's in Educational Leadership as well as a B.A. in English and a minor in Psychology, along with her clear teaching and administrative credentials. She's currently engaged in a doctoral program in Education and Integrative Studies at Northeastern University.

She has co-authored the following publications, among a variety of published articles:

* Creating a Google Apps Classroom

* Using Technology to Improve Reading & Learning (Foreword)

Elizabeth holds the following distinguished honors:

* 2015 ACSA (Association of California School Administrators) Technology Administrator of the Year

* Google for Educational Certified Innovator and Trainer

* Common Sense Media & CUE Lead Learner

* Sony Education Ambassador

* Lead 3.0 Conference Planning Committee Member

* FableVision Ambassador

* Leading Edge Certification Professional Developer, Professional Learning Leader, Administrator, Digital Educator and Online-Blended Teacher.