Richard Williams

Global business consultant, International Trade, and Networker in Cradley, United Kingdom

Richard Williams

Global business consultant, International Trade, and Networker in Cradley, United Kingdom

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Hi, I’m Richard

I’m passionate about building franchise companies and bringing collaborative networks together that make people’s lives better. I have a fabulous team to support you in the various networks franchise support systems that you might need.

Helping entrepreneurs find their dream business, means that I also get to help franchisors build their dream businesses. I love what I do!

Within the franchise sector my personal focus is based around Coworking, property services around real estate and food & beverage. I have off market access to some exciting food and real estate master franchise opportunities

As I travel between Europe & Asia, my areas of specialism are fast growth franchise companies seeking a gateway to Europe, Asia and the Middle Eastern region.

By good fortune my entry into market leaders going for global growth came through a chance meeting in the late 80's with a gentleman called James Moore, I hope I can introduce you to him one day, he was later featured on the UK Times Rich List, James showed me a proven path to success and I ended up walking away from my well paid job after meeting with him and I became one of his sales distributors. At that time I learned to use his strategy.

I soon was totally fulfilled and frankly my need for money was on the bottom of my to do list.

Many market leaders and especially North American companies have worked with me and I have teams doing so today.

Another chap from Arizona called Dustin (Dusty) Greene (who is sadly no longer with us) also showed me just how taking a proven business system into new countries made him wealthy, Dusty explained how he worked with another entrepreneur whose place on the Forbes Rich List was achieved by making sales through what he called the 'peoples franchise'. We started from scratch, making $1m in sales the first year and last year that company made of $100m in UK sales.

As a business developer it has been a pleasure to work with a handful of extraordinary people many of whom have been involved with me for around twenty years sharing a vision for a a different way forward.

We help with franchise development plans, our role is market data, positioning, you need to be within a growing segment, have a pilot with solid financial qualifiers and have an offering suited to that marketplace. I only work with management teams who have BIG aspirations and who truly care about the welfare of the franchisee.

Our focus is to work with management teams who say - we have a BIG visio

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