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The hunt for entirely autonomous cars is like"holy grail".

The self-driven cars promise future roads with no accidents. Making a new mobility ecosystem secure and resilient means battling with various cybersecurity problems, as distinct innovations expose suppliers, automakers, and passengers into a data breach.

Data challenges

A great deal of data will be accessible which present opportunities and challenges pertaining to privacy concerns, data security, and data analytics. A safe authentication is needed to tackle security issues.

Let us get deeper in the challenges posed by this new technologies i.e. Self Driving Cars.

Data Security

Data security can suffer various security dangers when self-driven vehicles will dominate the personal freedom. Some hackers and approved parties can capture the information, instigate attacks and change records. There are chances that they might offer bogus information to motorists or utilize denial-of-service attacks.

This demonstrates that the system security will become the quintessential problem for its transportation systems together with successful installation of joining detector based vehicles.

Safety system which may protect against such threats comprises data sanitization (deleting the identified information ), and information suppression (decreasing sampling frequency). They can aggregate information probably within the vehicles rather than getting the vehicle transmit the large amounts of raw information.

With the increase in the use of an autonomous and connected vehicle, keeping individual safety within the transportation system has become more challenging.

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Information Aggregation and Analytics

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