Steven Tyler

Web Developer, ecommerce developer, and shopping cart developer in Cape Town, South Africa

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Hi, I’m Steven. I’m a web developer living in Cape Town, South Africa. I am a fan of eCommerce, eCommerce software, and shopping cart software. I’m also interested in Comalytics and eCommerce platform. You can visit my store with a click on the button above.

Outstanding e-commerce systems are our business and our passion. Based in Cape Town, we’re focused on empowering our customers to grow theecir businesses.

Our expertise ranges from business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) and Supplier Order Management (SOM) e-commerce websites through to a Product Information Manager (PIM) system. We also do related software enhancements and app development for our clients.

We work with local and global customers either directly or through our network of web development agencies and business consultants.

The global and South African e-commerce industry is booming. In South Africa this growth is mostly driven by high mobile penetration, rising consumer confidence in online transactions and the expansion of brick-and-mortar retailers into e-commerce. It’s projected to grow at around 12% for the next few years, just behind a global growth of 18%. This represents an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to maximise their own growth through this powerful medium.

At Comalytics we understand what your B2C and B2B customers want, and how that has changed over the past decade. Whether they’re researching online and then shopping in-store or vice versa, our user-friendly e-commerce platforms ensure you meet and even exceed their expectations.

Over the last 15 years we have built and hosted more than 1 600 e-commerce websites, beginning with B2C and then adding a custom B2B platform in 2015.