Eduardo Ortiz

Architect LEED Green Associate in Monterrey, México

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Eduardo Ortiz is founder from "Arquitectura para mi Escuela" non-profit organization, Co-Founder from "ARQBIOS Arquitectura para la Vida" architectural firm, "Mezcal Arquitectura"architectural firm and "œ⅞ Proyectos"architectural firm. He collaborated on LEED Education's projects with the firm EA Energía y Arquitectura Mexico.

He is Professor at "Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León", "Universidad del Valle de México Cumbres", "LaSalle Collage International Monterrey" & "Universidad Metropolitana de Monterrey". He was the Chapter Coordinator of "Architecture for Humanity from Monterrey". He is specialist is in Sustainability Development, Humanitarian & Sustainable Architecture, Project Manager, and Design Thinking Process.

He studied architecture at UANL (2012). While he studied, he built more of 12 projects own and he was the Director of "Acciones Verdes" between 2010-2012, he was a Member of "Consejo de la Federación Ambiental Universitaria UANL 2012", and he represented of the "COPSUS FARQ UANL", besides, he was the General Coordinator of "Desarrollo Social from Jóvenes Unidos por Nuevo León 2012".

He is speaker and workshop leader on topics such as; sustainable development, architecture, city planning, leadership, entrepreneurship and personal development. Finally, He is currently member of Kybernus & Global Shapers Monterrey.


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  • Education
    • Architect at UANL
    • Master in Education at UVM Monterrey
    • LEED Green Associate by USGBC
    • Specialist in Design Thinking Process by CEDIM
    • Master in Sustainable Development by UANL