Eddie Long

So that the amount again the amount of DNA and the time taken for the procedure has to also be taken and if the amount of the goal just becomes https://www.linkedin.com/pub/eddie-long/b1/370/291 real and elastic for that dentist right now. Let's say the collections are down and having hard time paying the bill what are some key indicators that practices can look at it perhaps https://twitter.com/educan89 identified early on well I think that CAD definitely again. There has to be accountability in the business part of the front desk part of the practice so there has to be a person who sold responsibility and job description and accountability. Are that the collections and so one of the things that we want to measure from that person's job description is the over-the-counter collection ratio in other words what percentage. Of the money that was produced that day on that patient is being collected by that accountable front office person and if the practice is accepting assignment benefits.